What's Short & Who's it for?

Short is the reading list for busy people. It offers you only the best short articles and enables you to select 5 minute or 10 minute long reads or blog posts measured on reading time. It will help you to keep up with your reading list with offering only short articles.

It imports articles from your favorite Read-It-Later apps like Pocket and more.
More channels will be added in the future like Readability, Instapaper, ReadingPack and so on.

App Features

Filter Reading Time
Filter between 0 to 5 minutes or 6 to 10 minutes articles which are shown in your feed.

Connect channels
Choose your favorite apps to get content from – Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and ReadingPack. Add them to Short.

Reading Progress
A progress bar shows how far you got and how much time is left to read the article (in minutes).

Distraction free reading
Auto Fullscreen when reading an article. You won’t have any distractions from status bar or bottom bar.

Share your favorite reads
Share your articles to Twitter, on Facebook, Open it in Safari, copy the link or buffer it.

Quick navigation
Just swipe right anywhere on the screen to quickly close an article, go back or open the menu.

Sync your account
Log in via Twitter and create an account. Connected channels stay saved if you want to log in on another device. You don't have to connect them again.

Night Mode
Set the whole interface of the app to a dark color scheme to improve your reading experience under dark light conditions or at night.

Who is Short for?

Short is for anyone and mostly power users who save articles to read later. Their reading list keeps growing faster than they are able to keep up with. Short helps them to filter only the shortest reads, and saves time so the user can keep up with his or her list on the go. So only the articles that fit the time chosen to spend reading are offered. The perfect way to make use of one's time and finally check out the articles that are most interesting to the user.